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BioWare Recruits Unreal Engine 5 Developers For Mass Effect


The producer of the next game Mass Effect confirms that he is looking for developers capable of working on the latest versions of Unreal Engine.

Mass Effect under Unreal Engine, it was not won. The space opera launched in 2007 by Bioware was originally built on UE3 then 3.5, except that the passage Andromeda changed everything and the new engine used, Frostbite, was the proprietary engine of the studio’s new bosses, EA.

In recent months, the parent company had also started to extend the use of its own engine to its entire range of games. But that obviously won’t affect Mass Effect, as we had already announced last September.

The recruitments under UE5 at the time seemed to relate to the franchise and it is today confirmed via the producer Brenon Holmes which recalls the ongoing recruitment for Unreal Engine developers for the next chapter of adventures in space.

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When we see what Epic’s new engine is capable of doing, we hope that Mass Effect 5 will run well on the latest version …

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