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Bloober Team (The Medium, Layers of Fear) will soon reveal a new title


Bloober Team, to which we lend in particular rumors about a remake of Silent Hill 2, will soon make an announcement.

Recently, announcements concerning Silent Hill have emerged, and in particular with regard to the remake of the second opus, which specifically referred to Bloober Team as the team in charge of the project. Is it true? In any case, it should not be with the next announcement from the Polish studio that we will have confirmation.

To the official announcement of the new Layers of Fear

The new announcement programmed by Bloober Team seems particularly to indicate that it will be a question of raising the curtain on the next iteration of Layers of Feara game that was notably confirmed in September 2021.

By the way, it’s on the page Twitter of Layers of Fear 2 that the message was broadcast where we can also observe the presence of a sentence and an artwork which could give some indications to some of you. However, no mention as to the precise date of the meeting has been communicated. But, given that we are in the favorable period for announcements and revelations, it would not be surprising to see Bloober Team express themselves in the days to come. For now, we just have to settle for a vague “soon”.

Go below the surface and discover the source of your fears.

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