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Bloodborne gets a Playstation 1 facelift


This 32-bit demake version of Bloodborne has just been released and revisits the original game in a very faithful way.

Waiting firmly Elden Ringfans of the license FromSoftware will have fun with this incredible demake of Bloodborne. Conceived by Lilith Waltherartist and technical engineer on UnrealEngine 4this new version named Bloodborne PSX lets walk through the game as if we were doing a good 25 years in the past.

Although it does not offer all the environments of the original game, the title transports us to this fantastic universe which will end after confrontation with Father Gascoigne. He also offers us the opportunity to fight by choosing among 10 unique weapons. You can also choose a joystick or mouse keyboard configurationit’s up to you to see what suits you best.

The very marked style of the Playstation goes perfectly with the aesthetics and the particularly horrifying atmosphere that made the game famous. Fan-made demakes are becoming more and more commonplace for a few years, unfortunately some publishers (eh Nintendo…) have been hunting his games that they make withdraw.

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In any case, Bloodborne PSX is a vibrant tribute to Bloodborne and takes us back nostalgically to the city of Yharnam. In order to wait for a possible port to PS5, or even on PC of the initial gameyou can test this demake, available here since January 31, 2022 on PC.

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