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Bully 2 would not finally be abandoned by Rockstar


Tom Henderson persists and signs: the announcement of GTA 6 is really just a cloud of smoke to hide the real big project from Rockstar, a sequel to Canis Canem Edit, Bully 2.

As the American company broke the internet by finally announcing what everyone knew, the ongoing development of GTA 6, according to the insider Tom Henderson, however, this is not the next big project for Rockstar. Indeed, according to him, Bully 2 still remains today the real in-house secret of the brand with the star.

The series is not dead and the rumor comes back every year like a good seasonal flu. The last time was after The Game Awards at the end of 2021, when the studio should have revealed its new action game. Corn since 2009 and the first rumorsthere is nothing to say that the game is well planned.

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Moreover, by dint of crying wolf every year for 13 years, there will be a time when the info will prove. In the meantime, Tom attests to this to a fan:

Sorry – Where did today’s announcement say this was Rockstar’s next point of interest? They said that GTA 6 is in development.

I maintain that there is something going on with the Bully series.

The studio would therefore be working on a sequel to GTA-like in the school universe, the first title of which (Canis Canem Edit) was released in 2006. Although, knowing the studio, it could also be a simple remaster…

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