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Car Mechanic Manager 2023, manage your own auto garage


The Polish group Ultimate Games SA gives us yet another nugget, with the announcement for 2023 of Car Mechanic Manager 2023, a car garage management and simulation game.

Dated graphics quality, concept of contemporary simulation games that work, Polish publisher changing names every week but we are not fooled: no doubt, it is a Pyramid Games game that we have here! For beginners, the lineage of german hard-sim game has more or less fallen into the hands of Polish developers in recent years and mainly of Ultimate Games SA, the parent company of all this little world.

After Farming Life (nothing to do with Farming Simulator), Zoo keeper (nothing to do with Zoo Tycoon) or Castle Flipper (nothing to do with House Flipper), here is Car Mechanic Manager 2023 (nothing to do with Car Mechanic Simulator). Well, we abuse a bit, since the game indeed adds a dimension of economic management from a whole garage: manage your stocks, your employees and your bank account.

Car Mechanic Manager 2023 is a unique blend of the best elements of management titles and tycoon games. Naturally, the player will have a great deal of freedom to choose the right approach and the right tactics in order to achieve their objectives, maximize their efficiency and achieve the best possible profits. The game will also feature many random events, which may have a positive or negative effect on the player’s situation.

– Tomasz Sobiecki, CEO of Manager Games SA

Planned on PC in 2023, the game will apparently have a wide variety of cars and tools, with a very extensive repair system. Also discover the heightened realism of the collision engine of the game in this video:

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We laugh we laugh, but you can imagine that it will start in test day one eh …

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