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Carrie-Anne Moss, “Trinity” in The Matrix, Not Against a Role in John Wick


An interview with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss granted to People for the promotion of “Matrix Resurrections” leaves the Mystery hovering … What if our two heroes gave each other a line in the next John Wick?

And why not find the Neo / Trinity duo in a John Wick opus? It is a very nice idea which took a little more depth during an interview granted by Keanu reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss at People.

Indeed Carrie-Anne Moss was full of praise for the performance of his longtime sidekick in this license:

I love John Wick. I really began to understand Keanu Reeves’ extraordinary gift for telling a story through his body. I didn’t quite get it until I delved into John Wick. It was amazing to have such an experience with my son and to observe the depth that Keanu Reeves can create with his body. It really is an art form.

And why not hope that the duo reform for a next opus? In any case the 57-year-old actor clearly seems to open the door, judge instead:

  • Reeves: “Do you want to play an assassin?”
  • Moss: “I would love”
  • Reeves: “Truly ?”
  • Mousse: “Yeah !”
  • Reeves: ” Okay. Let’s go. “
  • Moss: “I will start to train.”
  • Reeves: “Be careful what you want. I am there now. ”

let’s remember that John Wick 4 is postponed to March 24 … 2023, and except surprise there will be nothing new in the casting. On the other hand, given the actor’s extreme sympathy, why not consider a role in the 5th opus, which is already planned? Wait and see.

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Source: people.com

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