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CD Projekt tightens the screw and stops its sales in Russia and Belarus


Determined to mark its position, the Poles of CD Projekt have just suspended their activities with the Russians and their allies.

After having donated several hundred thousand euros to support their Ukrainian neighbours, CD Projekt stops selling its games on Russian and Belarusian territory. Their own way of protesting and sanctioning this war which has already lasted too long.

To support its decision, the studio splitan official statement in the colors of Ukraine:

In light of the invasion of our neighboring country Ukraine, by Russian military forces, until further notice, the CD Projekt group has decided to suspend all sales of its games in Russia and Belarus. Today, we are starting to work with our partners to stop digital sales and stop physical stock deliveries of CD Projekt Group products, as well as all games released on the GOG platform, to Russian and Belarusian territories.

The entire CD Projekt group strongly supports the Ukrainian people. While we are not a political entity capable of directly influencing state subjects, nor do we wish to be, we believe that united, business structures have the power to foster change in hearts and the minds of ordinary people. We know that players in Russia and Belarus, individuals who have nothing to do with the invasion of Ukraine, will be impacted by this decision. But with this action we want to further galvanize the global community to speak out about what is happening in the heart of Europe.

To our brothers and sisters who fight for their country, be strong!

A new strong decision for the studio which says it is truly affected by the events and this is not the only one since publishers and developers around the world are mobilizing, each at their own level. In addition, the Ukrainian government had appealed to large companies, such as Sony and Microsoft, but the latter have not, for the time being, taken any decision.

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