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CDPR and Techland each donate €215,000 to Ukraine war victims


The two major studios in Poland have announced a donation of one million Zloty each to a humanitarian association that helps Ukrainian victims against Russia.

While many video game players have displayed unequivocal support for the Ukrainians following the Russian invasion that took place, some went even further, associating actions with words. This is particularly the case for several esports organizers, whose players from Russia and Ukraine are numerous. This is also the case of 11 bit who will donate the profits of his game This War of Mine.

From now on, it’s the turn of the Poles of Techland to make a strong announcement. The company, which released Dying Light 2 earlier this month, just unlocked one million Zloty, or more than 215,000 eurosdonated to Polska Akcja Humanitariannaa humanitarian association that offers aid to victims of the war in Ukraine.

Poland has already made an impression this week by announcing, for example, its refusal to play its qualifying match for the World Cup against Russia. The head of government is one of the most virulent in the media, among European leaders, denouncing the selfishness of certain Western countries.

Also note that the other influential studio in Poland, CD Projekt Red (Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3), had already announced the same sum for the same association yesterday.We cannot remain indifferent in the face of so much injustice and we ask everyone to help in any way you can.»

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