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CES 2022: Samsung’s first 4K 240Hz monitor


Samsung unveils several screens including the Odyssey Neo G8, a curved gaming monitor with for the first time a refresh rate of 240Hz in 4K.

While the great technology fair, the CES 2022, is launched, we can expect many presentations from manufacturers. For his part, Samsung presents several gaming screens including the new Odyssey Neo G8, a screen curved in 16: 9 of the G series, in 4K and which has a response time of 1ms.

The monitor supports the AMD FreeSync PremiumPro and the Nvidia GSync, has 2 HDMI 2.1 ports, a Displayport 1.4 and other connectors-that-we-not-all-understood-as-the-release -is-in-Korean. But above all offers for the first time, with this 4K definition, a refresh rate of 240Hz, according to detailed info by Samsung.

The screen is ultimately smaller than the G9 with 32 inch diagonally, on a slab Quantum Mini-LED. No price or official release date for the moment (we can consider a first half of 2022), but count a few thousand euros without doubt …

By the way, Samsung also presents a new Smart Monitor M8 with integrated webcam and a UHD S8 monitor, 27 or 32 inches.

Source: news-samsung-com.translate.goog

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