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Charts France S24: a lot of sport, but also The Quarry


Football, sport and karting at the top of the S24 physical sales of video games in France. But a PS5 title resists the dominance of the Switch.

If the big domination of timeless titles like Animal Crossing seems over (after more than a year in the rankings, it was about time), that of Kirby and the Forgotten World also seems to have passed after ten weeks in the top. Thus, for the S24 of sales of physical video games in Francethe football title Mario Strikers: Battle League Football comes out on top.

On the podium, there are two other sports-sounding titles, Nintendo Switch Sports, which has been in the lead for a few weeks since its release, and the unshakable Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, also a regular who accumulates months in the ranking.

Two small surprises however this week: Minecraft Switch Edition which still remains in the top 5 for the 3rd week in a row, and the appearance of a PS5 title which resists the Nintendo console, the excellent The Quarry. Knowledgeable sources (me) tell us that a test will soon arrive on VGR.

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