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Charts France S26: soccer, sports and racing!


Summer is sporty for French gamers! In the last weekly ranking of physical sales, we find no less than 4 sports games in the top 5.

This is an unusual ranking to say the least in week 25 for the French video game chartsreleased by the SELL as usual. While the brand new Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is still the top selling physical game in the country, the two racing games F1 22 on PS4 and PS5 in the top 5.

In 5th place, another Switch sports game, Nintendo Switch Sports, is also holding up well. And as a result, for this week, quite rare: there is only two games Nintendo in the ranking since the last available place is again taken by the PS5 and its Horizon Forbidden West, directly top 2. In short, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will not have only lasted a short week.

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Further proof that French players French gamers often prefer sports games.

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