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Charts France S32: the Switch has resumed its total domination


Nintendo is back in great shape in the French physical video game sales rankings, with a new full house for the Switch.

In the middle of the summer, when everything was getting quiet again, Nintendo slammed its fist on the table. It had been far too long (well, it was only in weeks) since the hybrid console had submerged the ranking of physical video game sales in France. So, like PSG against LOSC, it was a tidal wave that was coming.

Here, for thea Week 32, the red supremacy is back. Gone are the few rebels like Horizon, Gran Turismo 7 and others F1 22 which had attempted an emblematic breakthrough. France is pro-Nintendo and will remain so. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which has been in the rankings for as long as man has known how to make fire, returns to the top.

Physical activity, by the way, continues to make a strong showing during the summer, when gamers are more likely to be forging their love handles by the pool with rosé and a triple-meat taco. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football and Nintendo Switch Sports are the real deal. Also note that Animal Crossing: New Horizons enters its 8848th week in the top 5. It almost sounds like a Luis Fonsi single.

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