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Charts Japan: the Pokemon Diamond / Pearl remake is a hit


The Pokemon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl remakes are off to a great start in Japan. In three days, more than a million copies have already been sold.

As the magazine reveals Famitsu, the couple of remakes of DS games released in 2007 seduced Japanese players. In three days, 1,395,642 distributions were made, i.e. a result greater than Pokemon Sword and Shield. A performance close to that achieved by the original opus over a similar period. They had in fact won over 1,586,000 buyers in four days..

However, if you count all the sales, the figure you would get would be much higher. Only physical sales have in fact been recorded. And when we know the place currently occupied by the digital version – best download of the platform – there is no room for doubt: Pokemon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl have made a very nice launch. The duo are even the second biggest (physical) startup of the console, coming in just behind a certain Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which passed in 1,880,626 copies.

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Outside of Japan, a similar trend seems to be emerging: in the UK, gamers have apparently been won over. As for France, we will wait for the classification, although it would not be too risky to decide in this direction.

Source: www.nintendolife.com

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