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Chernobyl Again: A New Exclusion Zone VR Adventure Game


By giving pride of place to the graphics, this Polish title, inspired by the famous Ukrainian disaster, will take you closer to this mythical place.

Directed by the Vimagineo studio, with the help of other Polish actors such as The Farm 51 (Chernobylite), D2D Studios or Scan Factorythe adventure VR game Chernobyl Again presents itself in a stunningly realistic trailer.

It must be said that the teams, like Ninja Theory for Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, went on site to carry out photogrammetric captures places in order to better reflect the atmosphere that reigns there.

In the role of Olena Ponomarenko, a scientist specializing in time travel, you will have to make sure to carry out your project, despite the dissatisfaction that it generates in some people, probably going back to the past to better modify the present and therefore the future. This is how you will save many people.

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Even if we imagine that it will come out at least on PCVRwe don’t really know yet on which helmets the title will be offered, especially if it will arrive on Quest or PSVR. No information either on the output window, but we are in a hurry to see the result.

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