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Christmas Selection 2008 @VGR


While there are only about ten days left before Christmas, some are tearing their hair out to find the game they will buy (or be offered) for this famous December 25th.

The team of Play3-Live (Editors and Moderators) therefore embarked on the development of a top 8 of the games which seduced us the most for this year 2008. This second year of marketing (in Europe) was rich in releases, it is why in addition to our favorite games, we also offer you the selection of those that disappointed us!

In addition to our selection, you will find the Top 5 VIP members, without forgetting the TOP 3 that YOU have developed by answering our call. Finally, as a bonus, we offer you the interview of a video game professional, who, in turn, will draw up the video game report for the year 2008!

It only remains for us to wish you a good reading, a good choice and above all, in advance, a Merry Christmas

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