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Codemasters Cheschire (Motorstorm) would help on the next Need for Speed


There seems to be movement around the next Need for Speed ​​since Codemasters Cheshire has obviously been added in support for the development of the title.

Need for Speed ​​should return to the front of the stage shortlybut for the moment we can only count on the sounds of the corridors to give us news, and it is the very informed Tom Henderson who gives us new tips.

According to his information, Codemasters Cheshire would have been recruited to reinforce the teams on the development of the next Need for Speed. Support since Criterion would still be at the head of the project.

A studio that is not at its first attempt on car games: before being under the aegis of Codemasters, the box was known as Evolution Studio, the daddies of Drive Club and MotorStorm. The former boss also left recently for PlayStation.

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According to Henderson, this reversal would also be one of the consequences due to the departure of the CEOs of Codemasters, collateral damage during the takeover of the brand by EA last year. Now we just have to wait for more information on this future Need for Speed.

For the record, a mobile opus in an open world is in the works.

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