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Conqueror’s Blade will receive new content for its 3 years


On the occasion of the third anniversary of Conqueror’s Blade, celebrated from May 26 to June 16, nothing like the release of a new Nordic companion to celebrate.

The studio behind Conqueror’s Blade, Booming Techjust announced the arrival of a next update which will introduce a brand new companion from Viking fables and sagas for June 9. Referred to as Helheim with reference to Scandinavian cults, this content will present new troops and map improvements.

Take up arms proud warriors of the North and go back to battle in the distant lands of Marche or Ungverija! Each week you will have the opportunity to engage in battle. You will initially be limited to three-star troops but their strength and vigor will only increase during the season. The more adventurous among you can take part in Territory Wars twice a week and try the final test in Reginopolis concluding in apotheosis the season.

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Thanks to this new campaign you will have two new units inspired by Viking troops: the Huskarls and the Varangian Guards. The first, from noble lineage and proudly displaying the marks of past confrontations, will give courage and strength to your troops before going into battle. The Varangian Guards are part of the elite. No matter what weapons they wield, they will unleash their rage on opponents. These are five star units unlockable only later in the season.

This launch will also rediscover the maps Brocj Eastray, the Great Glory but also the Fjord Heilung, which all benefit from a meticulous rework and improvements. The release of the maps will be done throughout the season and will start with Brocj Eastray from June 9. For the most impatient, you can today pre-order the Battle Pass including multiple special rewards. Will you be able to answer the call launched by this new content and fight alongside the brave vikings?

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