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Could CyberConnect2 be on an adaptation of Hunter X Hunter? News @VGR


While the announcement of the new CyberConnect2 title is long overdue, speculation is rife. A track even seems to be considered.

Earlier this year, CyberConnect2 announced the forthcoming reveal of a new title “that would cause a stir”. The curtain raiser was, it seems, scheduled for February. We are in March and still no news of this game which would be released this summer. Only JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R took advantage of State of Play to show off. However, we should soon have something to eat. In any case, this is what the movement that there is around the subject in question seems to testify.

Hunter X Hunter: the next adaptation from the Japanese studio?

Speculations emerge and follow each other. An user Twitter named Senju in Japan appears to be particularly informed of the situation and even invites impatient players to try to discover the identity of the future game. The latter would supposedly be an anime adaptation which would surprise since it is difficult to imagine it. Here are the remarks made:

Time for clues! What is a game that you think will never, ever, EVER be made….. EVER!!!!…

And if, here, there is no title or element which could betray the universe in question, it is necessary to turn to the side of the president of CC2 (Piroshi) to try to uncover the secret. The latter has indeed published, on his page of the social network at the blue bird, photographs of Hunter x Hunterincluding an escape game poster.

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So should we expect to see Gon and Kilua landing on consoles or is it just an innocuous release? If this is confirmed, however, it will not be the only adaptation of the manga of Yoshihiro Togashi. But, there was no question of a fighting game (the specialty of the studio), only a RPG appeared during the era PSP.

But hey, the competition from anime and manga that deserve a (first or new) adaptation is tough: Gintama, Full Metal Alchemist, Fire Force or even Bleachwhich has just celebrated its 20 years of existence.

We will therefore patiently wait for the revelation from the side of the studio that notably produced the series of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. But, we are curious to know your opinions and desires:

What adaptation would you like to see happen?

Source: www.reddit.com

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