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Crackdown developers on a new project


The team behind the exclusive Xbox license seem to be back in service at Xbox Game Studios. Towards a Crackdown 4 on Xbox Series?

Launched in 2007, the TPS Crackdown franchise has had its ups and downs, with a highly appreciated first opus but sequels that did not necessarily satisfy the target audience. The series, an Xbox exclusive, allowed the Agents to fight the underworld in a dystopian future in the open world but also zombies named “Freaks”.

Passed through the hands of RealTime Worlds, Ruffian Games and finally Sumo Digital (LittleBigPlanet 3, Forza Horizon 2), the franchise had a last lackluster opus in 2019. Microsoft Game Studios (now Xbox Game Studios) didn’t seem to have any plans for the future.

Three veterans reunited at Xbox

But the website Tech4Gamers just discovered that three industry veterans are working on a secret project for Xbox studios. Three names that are no strangers to the license: James Goddard, design director of Crackdown 3, Mark Simon, game designer, and Dave McCrate, producer of Crackdown 3.

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If these three people are reunited today at Xbox Game Studios for a new game, it doesn’t take much to launch the rumor of a Crackdown 4, probably exclusively on Xbox and PC like the other games. However, we find that two of them show development start dates prior to the release of the previous installment, so it could be a completely different mission.

Source: tech4gamers.com

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