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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7: remaster or remake? Square Enix answers


Crisis Core – Final Fantasy 7: Reunion promises to use all the capabilities of the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles and aims at a total remake.

Announced with great fanfare at the last Final Fantasy 7 anniversary event, Crisis Core will be getting a makeover for the end of the year and is planning to go all out, so much so that one question arises: is it a remake or a remaster?

Crisis Core is a remaster, it’s a fact

Questioned on the question in the columns of our colleagues of IGN, Yoshinori Kitase and Mariko Sato ruled: Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion will be indeed a remaster in the bottom… but a remake in the form.

Various improvements have been made to almost every scene and battle, so much so that one could say that the work we are doing is akin to creating a “remake”. However, since the basic elements such as the story are similar to the original work, we prefer to call it a “remaster”.

Crisis Core will be a remaster according to its creatorssince it will not change its plot at all, unlike Final Fantasy 7 Remake which offers a new reading of the original work. However, technically, Crisis Core is more like a remake.

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The game has indeed undergone a total graphic redesignthe assets have all been redone from scratch and it will even benefit froma new voice cast in addition tomake full use of the capabilities of next-generation consoles. Even better, on PC, the software can be pushed to its limits.

But it is also a remake

Square Enix announces that Crisis Core will have re-recorded dubbing and a completely reworked OST. Note also that the voice casting has been completely changedexcept for the characters already present in Final Fantasy 7 Remake which will find their actor/actress. For the VF on the other hand, no information has yet filtered.

The gameplay has also been completely redesigned The gameplay has also been completely redesigned to offer more fluidity in the fights, especially by making the “limit break” accessible on the fly.

The game will run on Unreal Engine 4 and will opt for a total graphic redesignand not a simple smoothing like most of the current remaster. The objective for the studio is to offer a game “visually compliant and up to the new standards imposed by Final Fantasy 7 Remake”. In other words, Crisis Core should be at least as beautiful as Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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In addition, the software aims at a fluidity of all the moments and will seek the 120 fps on PC. Consoles PS5 and Xbox Series will have the right to 60 fps.

Our main goal with this title is that a very wide range of players can play on the platform they want. […] The gameplay experience will be solid and identical on all platforms.

All in all, Crisis Core – Final Fantasy 7: Reunion doesn’t intend to be just a dust-up, but opts for a complete technical overhaulas it was the case for Crash Bandicoot, MediEvil or soon The Last of Us. But the original material will not change and will remain totally identical. See you at the end of the year to know for sure.

It will be a “remakaster” (registered trademark)

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