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Cult of the Lamb has already passed the million mark


Barely a week after its release, Massive Monster’s rogue-like game is already a well-deserved success, with over a million followers in the cult.

It’s a full house for the herd management rogue Cult of the Lamb. The small independent title from Massive Monster, published by Devolver Digital (and whose test will soon be available on VideoGamesRepublic) is released a little week ago and already crosses a symbolic bar. To date, more of a million followers of the sheep sect have found themselves on the game.

A commercial success that adds to a critical success, without big surprise given that we had felt the cardboard. Without spoiling our test, it is a deserved success. The studio has already announced that it is working on many fixes and improvements for its game. By the way, a bug report form is open to help developers.

A full roadmap will be unveiled soon, and in the meantime, we leave you with a trailer of good words of the English-speaking press.

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