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Days Gone 2 on PS5? A petition collects more than 150,000 signatures


Rightly or wrongly, the management of Bend Studio had buried the idea of ​​a sequel for Days Gone. But it was without counting on the support of the fans and … The former boss of PlayStation, Shawn Layden!

Received in a mixed way by the press during its release in April 2019 finally collecting the rating of 71 on Metacritic. The title of Sony Ben received a much warmer opinion from the players.

However, no more was needed. to bury the idea of ​​a sequel. A decision which, moreover, caused a lot of ink to flow, since it was castigated directly by Jeff Ross, game director on Days Gone at the time.

Visibly bitter, the latter mentioned in particular the fact that “The management of the local studio had always made it feel like a big disappointment.” Concomitant speech to the disclosure of Ghost of Tshushima sales figures which had sold more than 8 million copies. Jeff Ross concluding that Days Gone had sold the same number of copies 1 year and a half after its release.

Since then, a collective has organized itself to try to move the lines on the side of Sony. Indeed, A petition has been posted online on change.org. And this one met with real success, since no less than 158,000 signatures were collected. Which is nothing!

Moreover, a happy contributor came to invite himself to the party, in the person of Shawn Layden. Who is none other than the former President and CEO of Sony InteRactive Entertainment America, but also former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Sony Network Entertainment International.

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Do you think this initiative would be able to make the Japanese firm think? Tell us in the comments.

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