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Days Gone: Sony finally agrees to bring back the license… but in theaters


Sony is multiplying the film adaptations of its flagship licenses, and a new project concerning Days Gone would be in the cards.

After the Ghost of Tsushima and Gran Turismo movies, as well as The Last of Us series, Deadline reports that a feature film Days Gone is currently in preparation from Sony’s film division.

Days Gones 2 is a no, but on the other hand a movie…

According to Deadline’s info, for the writing of its film, Sony would collaborate with the screenwriter Sheldon Turnerknown for his work on In The Air, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2006) and X-Men: First Class. And it would be Sam Heughanseen in Outlanders, who would be approached to play the main character Deacon St. John.

For lack of having a second opus, expected by the fans, but considered too unprofitable for Sony, Days Gone could come back on the big screen.
As a reminder, Days Gone is an action-survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with mutants. Our hero, Deacon St. John, tries to keep his head above water by searching for traces of his wife.
The game takes all the classic codes of the open world survival and also incorporates hordes of mutants similar to those seen in the movie World War Z. Despite a warm welcome from the press and fans, Bend Studio’s software disappointed with sales below expectations. The chances of seeing the license come back for a second opus are therefore almost zero, but finally, Sony has obviously found another way to capitalize on it.

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