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DC Universe Online Creators Working On Marvel MMO


Presented in a powerpoint for investors, this MMO based on the Marvel license will be entrusted to the head of the very prosperous DC Universe Online.

It’s a revelation that will please all fans of Marvel. During a presentation to investors, Enad Global 7, the studio’s parent company Daybreak Game Company, announced the development of an MMO in the Maison des Idées universe. Even if it is not not planned before at least 2023, this game will undoubtedly be very inspired by DC Universe Online, the free-to-play which is running well with already 40th seasons.

Billed as an “unannounced Marvel MMO”, this project will be directed by Jack Emmert, the person currently in charge of DCUO, and who also co-founded Cryptic Studios and the game that arguably kicked off the superhero MMO genre at the time (2004), the Incredible City of heroes.

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Since the end of Marvel Heroes in 2017, it must be said that fans of the DC Comics competition have been neglected in this field. A return of the license in full Phase 4 of the MCU could find its audience.

Source: kotaku.com

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