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Dead by Daylight: Chapter 23 will put Sadako (The Ring) in the spotlight


After a homemade chapter 22, Dead By Daylight opts for a new horrific collaboration with the universe of The Ring.

Japanese popular novel, The Ring is a terrifying tale of a ghost, a vengeful spirit with a feminine appearance whose long black hair hides her face. A silhouette that we all know very well since the work has had the right to different adaptations (anime, films…).

This time, it is in Dead By Daylight that the onryo Sadako will come to hunt down poor souls crawling out of his well and crawling out of television screens. To confront it, Chapter 23 will at the same time incorporate a new survivor Yoichi Asakawaa character from one of the film adaptations.

For the moment the kits of these two characters are not yet known, but we can see that Sadako is visibly able to camouflage her movements and that she will not interact directly with her victims to assassinate theminstead using his ability to kill them by petrifying them with fear like in the novel and movies.

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Chapter 23 of Dead By Daylight, Sadako Rising, will be available from March 8. on PS5, PC, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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