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Dead by Daylight sets a new record


After 6 years of good and loyal service, Dead By Daylight is pleased to have reached a new milestone which confirms its success.

It was in 2016 that Dead By Daylight was released, a multiplayer survival horror pitting 4 survivors against a serial killer determined to eliminate them. An asymmetrical multi therefore and rather atypical which worked very well when it was launched and has above all been able to last over time, as evidenced by this new record.

50 million players for Dead By Daylight

Behavior split a small tweet to thank its community after having passed the 50 million player mark. A very nice score for a game whose popularity never seems to wane and even increased its last years.

The software also continues to host content and crossovers, as with the recent chapter Sadako Rising in collaboration with the license The Ring (Le Cercle). And it’s not over, Behavior has already prepared its roadmap for the whole of 2022, maintaining the same pace. So you can continue to gut yourself in joy and good humor for a while.

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As a reminder, Dead By Daylight is available on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch in addition to integrating crossplay.

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