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Dead by Daylight: the collaboration with Attack of the Titans is out


After crossovers with Stranger Things or For Honor, Dead by Daylight now welcomes the Attack of the Titans universe.

It’s fair to say that Dead by Daylight is something of a specialist in all kinds of collaborations. And the multiplayer survival game doesn’t intend to stop there. Indeed, as announced a few days ago, the famous anime/manga Attack of the Titans has made its entry into the software store. Let’s see what’s on the agenda.

No more spirit, just a titanic weapon hammer

Fans of Skinjeki no KyojinStand up. Ten exclusive outfits are now available in the Dead by Daylight store ranging from Mikasa for Yui Kimura to the Dreadnought Titan for the Oni. The creative director actually spoke about this partnership and didn’t hide his excitement:

This is one of the most comprehensive collections with 10 outfits designed for Killers and Survivors. Our approach to transposing the iconic 2D design of the anime into our 3D world was a challenge as we wanted to honor the original art direction while staying true to the essence of Dead by Daylight. We are extremely proud of this Collection and hope that fans will enjoy it.

In addition to these new skins, you will also be able to acquire five new charms, including one freethe Training Brigade Crest Charm.

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Will you wreak havoc as a Titan or try desperately to survive?

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