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Dead by Daylight unveils its first LGBTQ+ character


David King, one of the game’s most beloved Survivors, reveals a bit more of his personal story in the 11th Book of Records.

The new chapter of Dead by Daylight’s ‘Archives’, Devotion, is released this April 28. In Volume 11 of this narrative game mode, fans will discover the memories of David King, presented as the “first LGBTQIA2+ character” by the editor who specifies that among its 50 million players, “several fans hoped for a greater representation within the game and had expressed the need to identify more with the characters”.

In this new volume, David King finds it difficult to accept his homosexualitya part of his life that has yet to be explored by history.

From the moment he arrived in Dead by Daylight, Survivor David King has carved a place for himself in the hearts of players. Sitting comfortably in the top ten of the Entity World’s Most Personified Survivors, David is a hot-tempered miscreant with a penchant for back alley brawls. His years as a debt collector have left him with both physical and mental pain. Although a fragment of his past life has already been revealed, there is still much to discover about this fearless brawler. Throughout DEVOTION, fans will witness his personal conflicts relating to their identity and sexuality. His memories will notably take players to a pub where a conversation with a stranger prompts him to discuss his past relationships, including a former boyfriend.

A story written with a specialist consultant

For this Devotion chapter, the game team called upon GaymerXa consulting firm whose goal is to facilitate the integration of LGBTQIA2+ themes into video games, in order to avoid falling into “clichés or pejorative representations.”

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This Tome also marks a new approach to the Dead by Daylight Archives, establishing a reversal in the narrative direction. “Although the Watcher remains at the center of the narrative, players will find that he has abandoned his tower and is missing. As they try to find out what happened to him, they will find recordings he left behind, giving them access to his stories and memories.

New outfits to unlock

As part of this new chapter, players will be able to get the “Stowaways to the New World” outfit for the Twins as well as the “Night on the Town” outfit for David King. The new “Spring Sets” collection includes the very rare “Illusion in Bloom” outfit for the Artist, the very rare “Baseball Series” outfit for Jonah Vasquez as well as the very rare “Organic Monstrosity” outfit for The Scourge. Finally, a very rare new outfit for Nea?: “Stockholm Art Festival” will complete the Urban Art collection. Available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and Stadia.?

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