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Dead Second: a dynamic VR shooter


A promising new action game from Spunge Games and focusing on bullet time in VR is available on Meta helmets.

Available since yesterday December 7, 2021 on Oculus Rift and theOculus Quest App Lab To € 9.99, Dead Second is a VR shooter signed Spunge Games, an independent Australian studio specializing in mobile games, but to which we also owe, under the label Shovsoft, Lunar flight, a lunar module VR simulator to be placed in our favorite orbit which had marked the spirits in 2012. And the first opinions collected by Dead Second are particularly positive.

Spunge Games is betting this time on action with a Intense arcade FPS where you have to maintain a steady pace to get rid of your opponents. As we can see in the trailer, it is via a repeated teleportation from one cover position to another that you have to operate with recharging by simple movement of the hand.

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In addition, thanks to Dead Second, a rapid reaction system, you activate, after eliminating your enemies, a bullet time slow motion giving you a chance to dodge shots. Chain dodging increases your score, time, and accuracy. Weapons and cosmetics are also unlockable and one ranking allows you to position yourself among other players.

In the role of a mercenary hiring his services to take care of of the corrupt and the wicked throughout the city, as governments fell into disarray and private military companies and contractors rule the streets. It’s time to restore some order.

The graphics, very cartoonish, keep it simple in order to be able to maintain high performance on Meta mobile headsets while maintaining quality rendering and a sharp image with a dynamic camera ensuring smart focus on action. The studio announces 72Hz, 4x MSAA and 100% rendering scale on the Quest and 90Hz, 4x MSAA and 115% rendering scale on the Quest 2.

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