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Death Stranding 2 news soon? News @VGR


El famoso genius of teasing raises the sauce by revealing a simple snapshot of Tokyo to wish us a good morning.

Would Hideo Kojima start playing on his fans’ nerves? This is the question everyone asks after the appearance of a simple tweet.

Here we go again?

“Good-Morning”. Mr Kojima wishes us a good day (and we also wish him) and split upa small photo for the occasion taken… from Sony’s HQ in Japan.
In any case, this is revealed by users who have identified the places via Google Earth.

It was enough for the canvas to ignite. No wonder that said since Kojima would be on several PlayStation projectsincluding a PSVR 2 game, and currently working on Death Stranding 2, recently unveiled by Norman Reedus. A “small misstep” to which Hideo Kojima had moreover replied with humor.

Whether Kojima is most certainly having fun raising the temperatureher fans on their side hope to hear from her projects soon. Some even speak of an appearance during the Summer Games Fest, especially since Geoff Keighley, a great friend of the artist, dared to comment on the publication of a small emoji. Simple politeness? Hmm…

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But let’s be honest, while it’s fun to theorize, a presentation seems a bit rushed, especially for Death Stranding 2 that would only just enter development. Unless we’ve been lied to from the start.

Conspiratorial. Eh. Conspiracy theory!

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