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Death Stranding: it’s official, the game is coming in the Game Pass


After suggesting an upcoming arrival in an enigmatic way, Xbox confirms: Death Stranding will arrive very soon in the Game Pass.

A few days ago, the page Twitter PC Game Pass drew attention to it by changing its profile picture. A landscape, apparently straight from the game of Kojima Productions, appeared. So it didn’t take much to think, and even believe with certainty, that Death Stranding was coming to the Microsoft.

Death Stranding is coming in August

Today, Xbox returns to the subject with a more precise communication. And, not surprisingly, the company confirms what we could previously have guessed. Yes, Death Stranding will indeed integrate the PC Game Pass. However, you should not expect to get your hands on the latest Director’s Cut. It is the initial version released in July 2020 that will appear.

The arrival of the game of Hideo Kojima will be August 23. For more details on the content that awaits Game Pass PC or Ultimate subscribers, we invite them to join the Xbox Wire site where, if necessary, they can learn more about the storyline of the game.

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Death Stranding in Game Pass, a heresy?

A coming that should not really surprise, since, we recall, the PC version of the game is not a property of Sony, but of 505 Industries. It is thus with this editor that Xbox has made a deal and not with the Japanese giant. Which, let’s face it, would be very strange, especially given the tensions between the two companies.

Nevertheless, with its arrival, Death Stranding becomes the second PlayStation license to enter Microsoft’s service. The first was the title of San Diego Studio, MLB The Show.

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