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Death Stranding: soon offered by Xbox Game Pass?


Will Death Stranding soon be offered by the Xbox service? At least, that’s what a certain element suggests.

Hideo Kojima’s game could very soon be available to Xbox Game Pass PC subscribers. At least, that’s what a small element that can be found on the page Twitter page of the service in question.

Death Stranding for Xbox Game Pass?

This Tuesday, the Twitter account of Xbox Game Pass PC has undergone a small change. He has swapped his profile picture for another, which has not left the public indifferent. The new photo, representing a landscape, seems to be straight from the production signed Kojima Productions. But, of course, we’ll just have to make do with that for now. A message has certainly accompanied this change, however, it is not from him that we will get a clear and precise answer. And for good reason, it is quite logically that it blurs the tracks:

sometimes, we just like a good landscape photo

So, will the game released last March on PC in its Director’s Cut version be offered in the Xbox Game Pass catalog? Well, we should know very soon, because it is not impossible that Kojima marks the gamescom with his presence, or at least with one of his creations. This is what one of his latest messages could indicate, owhere the man drew attention to a trailer he was editing. Would he show us something at the Cologne fair? Let’s wait…

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