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Deliver Us Mars: the exploration of the Red Planet is postponed to 2023


While its release was approaching fast, the sequel of the exploration game Deliver Us The Moon has unfortunately been postponed.

It is through a tweet that the studios KeokeN Interactive and Frontier Foundry announced a very sad news. Their new production, Deliver Us Mars, will not be released on September 27, but on February 2, 2023.

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The salvation of humanity will have to wait a few more months, five to be precise. Our protagonist’s ship will therefore orbit the red planet a little longer than expected, but the studio is clear, it was a necessary decision to ensure the best possible game experience.

Let’s take this moment to remind latecomers of the content of Deliver Us Mars. This adventure game puts you in command of a young astronaut whose mission is nothing less than to save the inhabitants of Earth. To do this, she must go to Mars to recover the ARKs, lost colonization ships that will be able to evacuate the humans. However, a mysterious transmission is going to upset her exploration of the planet.

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If this pitch has made your mouth water, you should know that the software will reveal more at the Gamescom 2022. In the meantime, we invite you to read our test of its elder, Deliver Us The Moon.

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