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Denise Coates among the biggest British taxpayers


Established during the year 2000, the Bet365 group has established itself as one of the leading UK-based online gambling operators. By 2020, it employed over 4,000 people worldwide.

Businesswoman Denise Coates founded this online gaming site offering casino games, sports betting and online poker. She is still the majority shareholder.

After being the biggest British taxpayer for several years, she is now in second place in 2023.

Behind Russian-born billionaire Alex Gerko

In the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, Denise Coates was the number one taxpayer in the UK. In 2023, she is only second to a certain Alex Gerko: a Moscow-born billionaire who recently renounced his Russian citizenship to become British.

The latter will have to pay a tax bill of £487.4 million in 2023, which is about 554.99 million euros.

In comparison, Denise Coates’ tax bill will only amount to £460.2 million (about €524.02 million). It is worth noting that her taxes have fallen slightly from the £480 million (€546.57 million) she paid in 2022.

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This can surely be explained by the decrease in profits of the Bet365 group during the last year.

Among the most important British taxpayers, there are also other big names in the online gambling sector. These include Fred and Peter Done who own the operator Betfred.

In 2023, they will have to pay £136.8 million (€155.77 million), which puts them in 5th place.

Denise Coates: largest taxpayer over the last 5 years

Although Denise Coates only reached the second place of British taxpayers in 2023, she still remains the first over the period from 2019 to 2023. In those 5 years, she had to pay no less than £1.95 billion (€2.73 billion) in taxes.

By comparison, Alex Gerko’s tax bill was only £679.8 million (€774.07 million) between 2019 and 2023, making him the third highest taxpayer in the UK over the period.

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As for Fred and Peter Done, they had to pay £542.4 million (€617.62 million) in taxes over these 5 years, which puts them in 5th place.

Tax bill for gaming industry representatives down

In the list of the largest British taxpayers published a short time ago, representatives of the gaming industry will pay £ 629.9 million (717.25 million euros) in 2023.

This represents a slight decrease from 2022, during which their tax bill reached £651.5 million (€741.85 million).

It is also worth noting that these results turn out to be well below the £764.3 million (€870.29 million) paid in taxes in 2021.

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