Home News Despite being a failure, Babylon’s Fall is ‘not in danger’

Despite being a failure, Babylon’s Fall is ‘not in danger’


After surveying the players to understand what was wrong, PlatinumGames announces that it is preparing content for a Season 2 and even a Season 3, refusing to see a failure.

Isn’t the simple fact of specifying it already an admission of failure? Released in early March on PC and PlayStation, the latest PlatinumGames flopped when it was released: nobody plays it (200 simultaneous players according to the Steam average), in a period with big games like Elden Ring or Lost Ark (and its 500,000 online players on average), and without the help of the press (40 % on Metacritic).

On his twitter, the developer simply stated that the game “was not in danger” while announcing the deployment of the version 1.1.0.

No, there is no plan to scale back the development of Babylon’s Fall. The content until the end of the Season 2 is now almost complete and we have started working on Season 3 and beyond. We will continue to bring new content to the game and make improvements based on player feedback, striving to keep players in the game and attracting new ones.

Associated with this press release, the link to see the content of this new update… is dead. With a little manipulation, you can discover what’s new on this page. There will be a new chapter for the story, a new map, a new faction, a new game mode and a new type of weapon. No date, but we already know that a another improvement based on player feedback is planned for the end of Marchand a third is already planned.

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