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Destiny 2: cheaters agree to pay $13.5 million


Bungie is still fighting against cheaters on Destiny 2 and the studio has also launched legal action against several entities. One of them has just agreed to pay her debt.

You have to believe that creating and selling cheat software pays off big since the company (yes company) Elite Boss Tech has just agreed to pay a colossal sum to Bungie.

A salty fine

After several months of litigation, the cases finally seem to resolve themselves and Bungie has just won the case. Elite Boss Tech has agreed to pay no less than $13.5 million in damages after distributing a particularly polluting cheat software which has been downloaded more than 6700 times.

For Bungie, it’s a small victory, but it does not cover the losses estimated by the studio.. According to him, the amounts of money lost would be much higher, not to mention the player experience which has been seriously impaired by cheaters, thus damaging the reputation of Destiny 2 and the studio itself.

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In online games, which have multiplied over the years, cheaters are legion and each studio is fighting as best it can to stem the bleeding. But the most impressive efforts are mainly found on the side of Raven Software and Activision who are fighting fire with fire.

The studio has indeed developed an in-house anti-cheat, Ricochet, which does much more than simply banish cheaters, it isolates them outright and hinders them heavily before punishing them once and for all. Besides, on Warzone, it’s a real festival and there are several hundred thousand accounts sent to oblivion. Besides, Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 will also benefit from the program as soon as they are released.

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