Home News Deus Ex: with Square Enix, the license has sold 12 million units

Deus Ex: with Square Enix, the license has sold 12 million units


While the franchise will soon pass into the fold of Embracer, Square Enix has unveiled the figures for the two opuses created by Eidos Montreal.

Warren Spector can be reassured: his baby is in good hands. The franchise of FPS/stealth Ion Storm’s Deus Exfell into the hands of Eidos with the third opus Human Revolution, was successful. Total worldwide sales of Deus Ex: Human Revolution (and its Director’s Cut) and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided reached 12 million unitsannounced the Embracer group when unveiling the takeover of Eidos Montreal, owner of the license, this Monday morning.

No figures however for Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible Warwhich are not part of the catalog developed internally by the Square Enix subsidiary.

Note that the mobile games Deus Ex: Go and Deus Ex: The Fallreleased before the last opus, have sold more than two million copies also. If we don’t yet know what the future of the franchise will be, Spector has embarked on a new IP with his personal studio. The creative director of the last two Deus Ex games also has a new independent project.

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