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Deviation Games launches production of its first game for Sony


SIE’s new partner studio gave an update on its main project, a first PlayStation game to be produced in 2022.

SIE’s new partner studio, Deviation Games, has announced that it will go into full production for its new PlayStation title in 2022. The company founded by Treyarch alumni now has around 100 employees and is focused on producing its first title.

In a video for the community, the CCO Jason Blundell unveiled the roadmap for 2022 and in particular the start of the official design phase of this next title. He also teases the ambition of the studio.

When we created Deviation Games, we moved away from normalcy, boredom, routine, things that we have seen a hundred times. […] No story, no matter how good, matters if the gameplay isn’t fun. The holy grail that we are looking for is the marriage between game design and storytelling.

We should logically know more by next year, and maybe even discover the first images. Blundell also aims to make a game which is “immediately recognizable by seeing screenshots”.

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