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Devolver drops a completely ravaged teaser for the Summer Game Fest


True to form, the publisher Devolver has just posted a completely barred trailer to announce its presence at the Summer Game Fest with a guest.

A real show within a show, Devolver’s conferences are as ravaged as they are filled with announcements each year. After selling us the Devolver ultimate bundle last year, the publisher is now teasing teasing, and invites a guest for the occasion.

Devolver is going to do the show again this summer!

Yes, Devolver will indeed be present at Summer Game Fest 2022 and he even gives us an appointment June 9th around 6 p.m. at our house.

If we suspect that we will have the right to review a handful of games already revealed, like Cult of the Lamb for example, we do not really know what the publisher has in store for us as announcements, but it is certain that he keeps a few surprises up his sleeve.

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On the other hand, we can nevertheless bet on the appearance of Hotel Barcelona, Suda51’s horror game since, if you watched the video until the end, Devolver’s guest is none other than the famous creator of Killer7, No More Heroesand delusional Lollipop Chainsaw.

This would confirm by the same the involvement of Devolver in the project and would put an end to the succession of jokes between the two friends who have passed the buck for several years on the subject.

Besides, Suda51 will visibly stream the conference from… his mecha. This year’s show promises to be completely WTF again.

We still remember the conference centered on Carrion. Explosive and bloody.

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