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Diablo Immortal: A player proves the game is an abusive pay-to-win


A streamer, a big Diablo player, had the experience of paying a colossal sum for a chance to obtain an extremely rare gem. The result is chilling.

Diablo Immortal is making headlines right now, but not for the right reasons. While the game is torpedoed on Metacritic and social networks and that Blizzard is trying to defend itself as best it can to explain its vision of things, a player tried the experiment by playing it pay-to-win.

Calculations are no good Kevin, at least not for gamers

Quin69, a New Zealander known in the stream environment, is rather a big Diablo player. It is therefore logical that he tried the Diablo Immortal adventure. He also embarked on a rather expensive experiment to prove that Blizzard’s latest child is abusing its pay-to-win system. (or pay-to-fast for those who prefer).

In order to collect a legendary gem, mandatory to enhance a high rank character, he therefore went through the only possible path: the shop. Results, obtaining a single legendary gem will have cost him a whopping 25,165 NZD, or 15,209 euros. Tell yourself that to have an optimized build you will need to get your hands on at least 6 of these precious artifacts.

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Do you really have to sell your house to enjoy Diablo Immortal?

Why such a sum? Simply becauseit is impossible to buy the coveted object directly and it is mandatory to use specific emblems, which in no way guarantee obtaining the Legendary Gems. The emblem acts more like a sort of loot box or loot chance booster and is the only way to get a Legendary Gem “quickly”.

We say quickly here, sinceit is indeed possible to loot one by using daily free tokens (this is also one of Blizzard’s defenses), except that the acquisition rate is obviously excessively low and that we have very few of them. This forces the hard player to farm a little each day or else to checkout, as the streamer Quin69 did, if he does not wish to be blocked in his progress.

There would not be a “t” too many in Immortal?

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