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Diablo Immortal: after spending 97.000€, impossible to continue playing


A youtuber finds himself unable to play the game after spending the modest sum of $100,000 and plans to get his money back.

Widely decried, the pay-to-win business model Diablo Immortal’s pay-to-win business model doesn’t seem to be holding anyone back. The title, despite its multiple unavoidable microtransactionsis indeed experiencing a certain success and players like Jtisallbusinessan American youtuber, does not hesitate to invest up to 100.000$ (about 97.000€) for upper their avatar.

The problem is that he now finds himself with a character far too powerful to find opponents and the matchmaking doesn’t offer him anyone to face.

“For the past month or so, month and a half, every time I play Diablo Immortal and go to the BattleGround to find an opponent, there’s never anyone to play me, no matter how long I’ve been there.”

He can’t even take part in the battles of the clan he leads anymore. No way for him to broadcast images of the title of Blizzard to its 155,000 subscribers and thus bring in revenue. There is therefore no no return on investment.

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He did contact the American developer for to look for a solutionbut this one does not seem to have been found. It’s a shame, he was even banned from the gamelike others before him. The question now arises as to whether he has another choice but to be reimbursed

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