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Dice Legacy returns with a first DLC


The new DLC Corrupted Fates of the dice-based survival city builder reveals its release date.

Developped by DESTINYbit and edited by Ravenscourt, Dice Legacy is a rogue-like that mixes city ​​building and survival, all run with dice. The action takes place in a mysterious circular world, on the shore of an unexplored land. Thanks to your dice, you will be able to collect resources in order to develop your colony. But you are not the only ones in this new territory because the Others lurk around you.

Corrupted Fates honors cultists, a whole new class led by the Pasteur, a longtime Council member able to conceal corruption from the public. Your society is weak and rotten to the core of its organization and the invaders are no longer far from your doors. The Council sees in your sacrifice the solution to its problems. It’s up to you to build a galleon in order to flee this cursed land.

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His new game mode ‘The Ruin’ lets you break the rules and rediscover Dice Legacy from the end. This will be an opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of Others.

This DLC brings its share of novelty and mechanics:

Corrupt policies: The more Cultists there are, the more they will push other classes to come up with corrupt laws. Very powerful, however, they have sinister drawbacks.

Madness: Your harmful actions will increase your madness. It can lead to your downfall or give you access to new powers.

Revelations: Accept the revelations of a mystical presence. Thanks to it, you benefit from powerful effects according to the faces of your pool of dice.

4 new buildings: The well of nothingness, the extractor of knowledge, the stone of offering and the cradle of rebirth.

12 new laws

7 new memories

Dice Legacy invites us to enter its new Corrupted Fates DLC coming April 19 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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