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DICE plans to roll out many fixes for Battlefield 2042


Just days after the release of Battlefield 2042, DICE is already posting an article on its blog titled “Launch Update & The Road Ahead”, which discusses the early days of the game as well as upcoming action.

You could see it in our test, Battlefield 2042 receives a rather mixed reception.

In his article, DICE takes stock of the first days of this new opus, and wants to make players understand that the teams will take their expectations into consideration. Several updates, including one deployed yesterday, are planned to patch the concerns that encounter Battlefield 2042.

All these patches make changes on many points. Which at least proves that DICE gets to work to correct issues reported by players. In the program, improved shooting experience, server stability, user interface, visual rendering etc. It remains only to hope that these fixes will be enough to raise the game at the level for which it has the potential.

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You can find the full schedule for these upcoming updates on the Battlefield 2042 Blog.

Source: www.ea.com

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