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Did you get the invitation from Sony to buy a PS5? News @JVL


Users have discovered Sony’s email inviting an exclusive and private direct sale on the new official PS5 store. If you are not invited, other shipments are planned.

We were talking about it in October, Sony found the unstoppable trick to sales of his new PS5: offer the console directly with direct access from the PlayStation site via your customer account.

The brand’s new online sales website, which incidentally made some flash sales (very flash, the stock was up in 30 minutes) two days ago, has sent emails to some guests in early December.

According to Eurogamer, from UK customers received this letter, but the initiative comes from Sony Europe and therefore affects all the regions concerned. PlayStation thus invites customers, via a single link, to connect to the store to purchase a console from the official store.

As we indicated at the time, this email is sent to a selection of users, based on their interests and their history with the brand (thus, we avoid giving privileges to a scalper who creates a fake PSN account on the day of the announcement). As a reminder, each account can claim at most one console, 2 colored controllers, 3 white controllers, and various peripherals.

If you are selected, you will receive an invitation at the email address that is linked to your account for PlayStation®Network (PSN). The invitation will specify the date and time of your purchase window, during which you will have the opportunity to purchase a PlayStation®5 console and / or accessories.

If you do not receive an email, then you have not been selected.

Normally, this kind of invitation will be offered each month with official limited stocks. If you haven’t been part of the current salvo, more should be coming soon.

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Source: www.eurogamer.net

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