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Dino Crisis in the catalog? News @VGR


With its launch in Asia, the PS Plus brings some information about it and also circulates some speculation, such as that which advances the arrival of a Capcom classic.

Certainly, for the past few days, not a single moment has passed without someone talking to you about the new PlayStation Plus formula. And for good reason, with its approach, as well as its very recent launch in Asia, the information is now beginning to reach us, the French, who will only be able to take advantage of the service at the end of June. Thus, it is a catalog that is revealed, performances that are not always top notch that are revealed, trophies that arise and new appearances that are revealed. And today, it’s the turn of a classic survival-horror signed Capcom which is the main subject of interest.

Dino Crisis would happen

When we were able to get our hands on the list of games released in Asia with the deployment of the May 23, we saw no trace of it. But now, with the promotional poster to which the various users of the PS Plus and that reaches us via ResetEra or Twitterwe have at least knowledge of a possible next entry: Dino Crisis.

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Indeed, on the banner, we can clearly see the well-known face of the courageous redhead affixed to the category of classic games: Regina, the heroine of the game of Capcom. See for yourself:

So it seems to be clear enough to leave no room for doubt, although it may not be as significant as it seems. But, if it turns out, there is a question: will Western gamers see it appear on day one? Will we have it from the launch of the June 23? We will wait.

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