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Disgaea 6 Complete shows gameplay on PS5, PS4 and PC


The very good and very crazy Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is coming back soon in the ultimate edition on PlayStation and PC. The opportunity for him to show us some gameplay.

Disgaea 6 was originally released for Nintendo Switch in January 2021 and had largely been able to please us at the time. This year, the software returns to the front of the stage with a “Complete” edition for Sony consoles and the PC.

It’s the come back dude! Disgaea 6 returns in June dude!

Besides, it even has a date! And so it’s next June 28 that it will be possible to play Disgaea 6 Complete on PS5, PS4 and PC. So it’s time for the promo for Zed and his band and they let us know on video.

The title of NIS America shares here no less than 5 minutes of gameplay where he presents his colorful, funny and particularly mature universe, full of atypical and charismatic characters. As a bonus, the game teaches us the basics again, isn’t that cool?

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Ah! And of course there are also Prinnies. Lots of prinnies.

No, really there are a lot of Prinnies. Fortunately, most are expendable!

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