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Disney’s Jessica Martinez to Head of ‘Culture’ at Blizzard


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It was a long-awaited decision, during the harassment and toxic corporate culture cases: a new Director of Culture was hired. And it’s still a former Disney!

In September of last year, Activision Blizzard previously made a similar announcement. At the time, a new HRD had been announced, Julie Hodgesformer HR of the Disney group, in the middle of the storm of cases of harassment, toxic company culture and other deplorable working conditions raised by unions. Clearly, Disney is an interesting provider for the ABK group (soon to be owned by Microsoft) which is now announcing the arrival of Jessica Martinez as the new vice-president of “Culture” (understanding corporate culture)a position that Bobby Kotick had announced to show investors that he was very concerned about the situation, after cleaning up the management teams. It was just before being also targeted by complaints.

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Martinez will arrive alongside Kristine Hinesthe new director of equity and inclusion at a studio that had a very good financial year despite the complaints, but which had to let go $18 million to end one of the lawsuits and now faces a loss of players. 18 million had already been announced by the company as a compensation fund for the alleged victims. On the other hand, the national commission for the rights of workers had also launched an investigation for obstructing the trade union rights of the victims, who were allegedly pressured not to reveal the cases.

When you create a people-focused environment where teams feel safe, valued, and work together for a common goal, everyone thrives. – employees, players and the company. Making sure our bond values ​​are reflected in what we do is how we bring humanity back into business.

Jessica Martinez worked for 14 years at Disney, where she led strategy and communication. In her new role at ActiBli, she will have to recreate a cultural strategy and set up studio talent development programs. A mission that is an additional step for the studio in its seduction operation with players and shareholdersbut also with the FTC which has yet to validate the agreement with Microsoft.

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