Home News Dive into the heart of Night City on March 8 in Paris

Dive into the heart of Night City on March 8 in Paris


A unique and ephemeral experience between real and virtual will take place in Paris on March 8. A limited number of participants will be able to go on site to a reconstituted Night City.

The ephemeral event was supposed to take place in December but had to be postponed due to health situation. The participants had to wait and the meeting is now announced at next march 8. On this date, those who have succeeded in hacking the Red Bull Immersion site will be able to stroll through the streets of Cyberpunk 2077 in the heart of Paris, at La Machine du Moulin Rouge.

This “IRL immersion” will immerse participants in the gaming world for a single evening, between virtual and real, with performances and activities in this reconstructed Night City. Visitors will be able to discover interactive experiences through various quests, interact with characters from the game universe, and upgrade their own costumes to completely blend into the experience.

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To win a seat, you can continue to test your skill by cracking the code in a digital experiment on the Red Bull website. Only a limited number of accesses will be distributed.

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