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Dive into the heart of winter with the new Europe Pack from Planet Zoo


On the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, Frontier Developments takes us to Europe to discover its winter wonders. On the program, new animals and breathtaking Christmas decorations.

Winter is coming in Planet Zoo with this new winter DLC available December 14 at a price of 9.99 euros.

Inspired by most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe, it’s more than 250 decorative elements new products that will be at your disposal to transform your zoo into a winter wonderland on the occasion of the end of year celebrations.

The pack includes of course new animals, five more precisely, all emblematic of the European continent:

  • Eurasian lynx, who lives in the snow
  • Alpine ibex, with its huge iconic horns
  • European badger, who lives in underground burrows
  • European fallow deer, immediately recognizable by her chestnut dress
  • The fire salamander, whose bright yellow markings will ward off predators but are sure to fascinate visitors
  • The DLC also includes a new timed scenario which takes place in a wintry alpine setting. You should expand and improve a zoo placed in the heart of the mountain within a time limit.

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    Frontier Developments announces that in addition to this new pack, players will also benefit a free update of the base game, which brings improvements to the digging of burrows, memorials for animals or even customizable restaurants.

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