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DNF Duel knows the day of its release and will be present at the Arc World Tour 2022


The fighting game inspired by a successful Korean MMORPG now acquires a definite release date and announces its presence at Arc World Tour 2022.

Co-developed by Arc System Works, DNF Duel is a fighting game that originated from a MMORPGs very famous in Korea. The title which has already unveiled a dozen characters, including one recently, had acquired a release window for the summer of this year from 2022. The exact date was still awaited.

Now, the mystery around this point has just flown away: as he announced in the video, the fighting title will present itself on PlayStation consoles and PC on June 28.

DNF Duel present at the world tournament organized by Arc System Works

In parallel with this date revelation, Arc System Works also lifted the veil on its world tournament reserved for this year: Arc World Tour 2022.

The competitors will thus be called upon to confront each other on DNF Dueling therefore, but also on Guilty Gear Strive – whose content continues to expand. For each of these titles a sum of $100,000 (a total of 200,000) will become the property of the winner.

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